Resources and inspirations about development and generative art.

Generative artists / Inspiration

Where What
sighack Generative art inspiration with tuto en code
inconvergent Generative art Inspiration with tuto en code
Tyler Hobbs Generative art Inspiration with tuto en code
Vladimir Mitrović Generative art Inspiration
Edan Kwan Generative art Inspiration with code available Particle Love
The Art Of Code A great deal of videos to learn a lot about shaders
ShaderToy A great tool to play and learn Shader coding

Dev and creative Frameworks

Where What
OpenFrameworks Multiplatform C++ creative framework
Cinder Lib Multiplatform C++ creative framework
Processing Java based creative framework
p5.js Javascript based creative framework based on Processing syntax
paper.js Javascript vector based creative framework
chroma.js Javascript library to play with color format, gradiant…


Where What
The Art Of Code A great deal of videos to learn a lot about shaders
Nature of Code A reference introducing creative programming in Processing
The Coding Train A lot of videos on technical subjects applicable to creative coding. By the author of the Nature of code
The Book of Shaders A creative tutorial for shaders
Freya Holmér A great deal of clear mathematical resources for game dev, with creasy long videos (6hours)
Inigo Quilez A lot of articles about shaders by a magicien of them
Generative Design Book on generative design
Generative Design Older Book, older version of generative design

Tools & Resources

Where What
Visual Studio Code Ubiquitous code editor, Microsoft rebirth …
Git Ubiquitous source code manager, with a great freely available online user guide
Fork Great free UI client for Git
Github Desktop Github desktop application
Visual Studio Commercial & community version of develoment tool from Microsoft
PowerShell Great new shell for Windows, Microsoft rebirth …
Windows Terminal New incarnation of the windows Command Prompt
ConEmu A great command line replacement for Windows, also integrate with Visual Studio Prompt, PowerShell, Putty…
Unity 3D 2D/3D Game engine using C#
Godot Engine Free 2D/3D Game engine
Blender 3D modeling/editing software
SMODE Realtime & interactive video/3D/shaders… compositing engine. With a community version
OBS Studio Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming
Mark Text Clean markdown editor
XNView Great deal of tools to view, convert and tweek images
DarkTable Best free Adobe Lightroom replacement, no more monthly fee
ACDSee Photo Studio Best affordable Adobe Lightroom replacement, no more monthly fee
Affinity Photo Affordable Adobe Photoshop equivalent, no more monthly fee
Affinity Designer Affordable vector graphic editor, no more monthly fee
Icons8 Freemium icons, Icon8 provides a lot of interresting graphics ressources for developers and designers
CCS Icons Free CSS icons
Animated Icons Animated icons to use with Lottie
Line Awesome Like Font Awesome but outlined Free simple and effective favicon generator
Lunacy Free (for now) soft to edit Sketch vector graphic files under Windows
Logohub Simple yet effective logo creator
Davinci Resolve Great Pro free video editor
Davinci Fusion Great Pro free compositing edito
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